“A WORLD OF GOODS” Peter S. Day et. al. discuss trade at Minoan Kommos

Ceramic Jar Types (after Day et.al. "A World Of Goods"

Ceramic Jar Types (after Day et.al. “A World Of Goods”

In their Downloadable paper, A WORLD OF GOODS; Transport Jars and Commodity Exchange at the Late Bronze Age Harbor of Kommos, Crete by Peter M. Day, et. al. analyzed 88 samples from four types of ceramic containers found at Kommos. They analyzed each one by petrography and neutron activation to determine its composition and area of origin. They grouped their findings by fabric types and chemical similarities. The combined analyses characterized the groups of samples more definitively than would be possible with either one alone.

The combined analyses indicate that approximately half of the samples come from three areas within Crete, while the rest are from Egypt, from modern day Israel, from coastal Lebanon, and in two instances very possibly from Cyprus.

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Kommos and Myths

Kate Tempest’s poem, Icarus, is a dynamic, interesting, and insightful re-telling of and comment on the myths of Daedalus and Icarus. Now other poetry and visual art related to these myths are being posted on this website, including works by Loes Huis in ‘t Veld, Renate Stollenwerk and Wendy Everett.  Clearly the poignancy of the doomed Icarus still has the power to inspire art. But how might these myths relate to Kommos? Read more ›

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Kate Tempest: Musing and Rapping on Greek myths

Kate Tempest: a 21st Century London Poet, Musing and Rapping on Greek myths

04 April 2015 James Stratis

We can be inspired by words, the art of words as in the inspirational art of poetry. Previously1 we connected to the ancient place of Kommos when we posted an article, a blog, on the poetry of place, through a poem by Constantine Cavafy.

If the archaeological site of Kommos on Crete is to receive the stewardship and attention it deserves, its story must continue to be told and not just to the intellectual specialist. One can read interpretation about a subject like a person, place or thing for only so long, before the cloud of boredom descends and the fresh air of the new, the light of the next… pulls us onwards.

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James Wright: on Kommos, 2014 Open Discussion

ASCSA Master Plan Kommos

At the 2014 annual OPEN MEETING of the American School of Classical Studies of Athens, Dr. James Wright discussed the progress made in 2014 in developing a Master Plan for Kommos, Crete. The following video fragment is excerpted with the kind permission of Dr. Wright from a full video of his address at the conference.

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Publication Logistics in the Kommos site publications


 Multidisciplinary Field Projects

January 4, 2014.

1) Introduction.
Excavations at Kommos in Crete were carried out in two phases, from 1976 through 1985 and from 1991 through 1996. The publication of the site consists of a series of nine preliminary reports in Hesperia, and five volumes (I-V) focusing on the site overall (Minoan and Greek), complemented by a volume on a Minoan pottery kiln, and two volumes on Minoan Mansion X (the first [2011] on architecture and finds, the second [forthcoming] on the pottery). [Those can be seen in the appendix]. Read more ›

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