Full Scale Minoan Ship Reconstruction as an educational tool

The archaeological site of Kommos, a Minoan seaport town, with an early Hellenistic temple site, on Crete, is under interpretation planning now for the future public archaeological park. Would the site interpretation for Kommos be benefited by having this Minoan replica or one like it anchored off shore or pulled onto the beach, as if on route to the Kommos shipsheds?
Ο αρχαιολογικός χώρος του Κομμού, μια πόλη λιμάνι στις Μινωικές Γραμμές, ενός ελληνιστικού ναού site, ερμηνεύεται με τον εικοστό πρώτο αιώνα. Θα την ερμηνεία site για Κομμό να επωφεληθεί από αυτή τη μινωική ρεπλίκα ή ένα αρέσει αγκυροβολημένο ανοικτά των ακτών ή τράβηξε πάνω στην παραλία, όπως αν στο δρόμο προς το νεωσοίκων Κομμός.

Is it too much like Disney Land perhaps, would it be degrading from the extensive scholarship for the site? Would it be an attractive tourist amenity and supplement to the ancient port archaeological park, connecting land to sea, which is after all a significant part of the legacy of the Minoan civilization?
Πάρα πολύ όπως η Disney Land, ίσως ταπεινωτική για την εκτεταμένη υποτροφιών για την περιοχή; Θα είναι ένα ελκυστικό τουριστικό, προς τέρψιν και να συμπληρώσει το αρχαίο λιμάνι αρχαιολογικό πάρκο, που συνδέει γη στη θάλασσα, που είναι όμως ένα σημαντικό μέρος της κληρονομιάς του Μινωικού πολιτισμού;

A model of a ship adapted from the Theran fresco that further informed the reconstruction.

Ένα μοντέλο του πλοίου προσαρμοστεί από την τοιχογραφία της θηραϊκής ότι ενημέρωσε περαιτέρω την ανοικοδόμηση.

A drawing of the Akrotiri Thera ship is taken from the fresco of the West House, and served to guide the reconstruction.

Το σχήμα του πλοίου Ακρωτήρι Θήρας έχει ληφθεί από την τοιχογραφία της Δύσης Σώματος, και υπηρέτησε για την καθοδήγηση της ανασυγκρότησης.

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Greek language interpretation feedback is appreciated.

And the ship of Minos returns to Athens this time without black sails and without Theseus.

coming soon:

  • Maritime interpretive theme 2- Ship Cabins of the Bronze Age Aegean by M.C. Shaw
  • Maritime interpretive theme 3- Three Holed Stone Anchors by J.W.Shaw
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  1. J. Stratis says:

    We are looking forward to the papers that will be made public after yesterday’s deadline. These may be useful in adding to the interpretation of the Kommos story. On 15 October 2010 abstracts (10‐15 lines in English) are due for the conference In Poseidons Realm XVI: *Early Seafaring of the Mediterranean Sea*Fromthe Beginning until the late Bronze Age 800 BC, to be held on 18‐20 February 2011 in Heidelberg, in conjunction with the exhibition *Islands of Winds*Maritime Culture of the Bronze Age Aegean, on display from November 27, 2010 through July 24, 2011 at the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the Ruprecht‐Karls‐University Heidelberg. Papers are invited on recent and unpublished researches on the development of ship and harbour building,
    seafaring, colonization, and cultural exchanges with respect to the cultures of the western Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic, the Aegean, and the Black Sea, as well as the Levant and Northern African coasts, and reports on current underwater excavations; conference papers will be published in Skyllis. Conference languages will be German and English. Further
    information is available at http://www.deguwa.org/.

  2. A video ( by: vikingskipdotcom) of a wonderful exhibit in Chania, Crete of the reconstructed ship referenced in the article above.

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