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Tymbaki Township Declaration

Greek Democracy

Area of Crete

Province of Herakleion

Tymbaki Township


From the record of the 13/31/10/2007 meeting of the Township Council

Today the 31st of October of 2007, Wednesday at 7:30 pm the Township Council came to the Public meeting at the Public Building, after number 11165/24-10-2007 invitation of the President of the Public council, which was posted in the same place for announcements of the Township, and given with evidence to the councilors of the Township (Numbers 95 and 100 of the D.K.K. No. 3863/2006), for the discussion and in order to make a decision about the matters below in timely order.


Antonios Haralambakis


Harilaos Kokarakis


Alexandra Karkanaki-Papadaki


Evaggelia Dispiraki-Kydonaki

  1. Theodorakis, Georgios
  2. Theodorakis, Zacharias
  3. Kanavakis, Antonios
  4. Karkanaki-Papadaki, Alexandra
  5. Kokarakis, Harilaos
  6. Konstantakis, Konstantinos
  7. Mathioudakis, Andreas
  8. Mathioulantonakis, Emmanuel
  9. Manadaki-Polychronaki, Argyri
  10. Marakantonakis, Michael-George
  11. Marakomichalakis, Michael
  1. Dispirakis, Venizelos
  2. Dispiraki-Kodonaki, Evangelia
  3. Skantzakis, Antonios
  4. Spinthakis, Emmanuel
  5. Stathorakis, Konstantinos
  6. Tsortzakakis, Michael
  7. Troullinakis, Dimitrios
  8. Fasomitakis, Antonios
  9. Fileri-Christodoulaki, Christina
  10. Fitsodaskalakis, George
  11. Praktikaki, Maria Mayor T.S. Siva

Absent was public representative Konstantinos Konstandakis, who was nominated legally by the No. 11165/25/10/2007 invitation of the Chair.
Present at the meeting was the mayor, as well as Stylianos Tzekakis, employee of the township concerning legal adherence.
After roll-call the mayor called for the beginning of the meeting and explained the themes of the day’s activities.

Plan for the development of the Kommos Archaeological Park

Concerning the above subject the mayor explained that it should be discussed during the day’s order as extremely important (article 95 paragraph. 6 of D.K.K.N. 3463/2006) and it was approved by the mayor and the public council.

The subject below was explained by the mayor, who said the following:
A very worthy and interesting plan is being proposed by the Canadian Archaeologist Joseph Shaw for the development of the archaeological park of Kommos. He offers to continues with action in order to ensure the funding by the Greek Government and the Canadian Government, with an aim to improve the archaeological site and make it visitable.

This proposal contributes positively to the attempt of the township to promote the archaeological site. Let it be known that Joseph Shaw is responsible for the excavations at Kommos, and is Professor at the University of Toronto in Canada, while for the improvement of the archaeological site he is responsible along with James Stratis.

According to the plan for the development of the Kommos Archaeological Park the following is being proposed:

  • Opening up of a road to enter the archaeological park and the seashore
  • Widening of the present road from Pitsidia to Kommos
  • Creation of waiting areas for parking of buses and ambulances
  • Creation of rest areas for the visitors to move on from
  • Asphalting of the road which leads from the south to Kommos
  • Creation of paths of stone for walks in the archaeological park, as at Phaistos
  • The visitors to the archaeological park will enter from the southeastern side, across from the entrance building; they will enter via a stone-paved and tree-planted plateia, where all the necessary facilities for the movement of emergency aid will exist.
  • there will be chairs for relaxation at the entrance
  • tamarisk trees will be planted the length of the path
    -there will be drawings of the path taken along with signs and explanatory displays in at least English and Greek
  • creation of wooden bridges in the areas to be visited with signs to keep visitors on the path

The Mayor asked for the vote.
After it heard the mayor’s explanation, The Township Council considered, after discussion, the above proposal.

Unanimous decision.

In agreement with the Canadian Archaeologist Joseph Shaw concerning the development of the Archaeological Park at Kommos with the improvement of the Archaeological area and its becoming visitable, as were brought up in the present explanation.

We request the Ministry of Culture to consider in this matter in order for the archaeological area at Kommos to be exhibited and become visitable in order for our cultural heritage to be advanced.

Since these items were passed and announced, it is signed as follows:

The Chair__________The Secretary___________The Members________
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Harilaos Kokarakis     Chair